Fashion that doesn’t cost the earth.

Why Black Fridye?

95% less carbon, same new haul buzz.

It’s really hard to find clothes you love, which is why Black Fridye makes it stupidly simple to love them longer by over-dyeing them black. 

Because the single most sustainable thing we can do is wear the clothes we already own for as long as possible – for every additional 9 months of wear we reduce their footprint by ~30%4.

Black Fridye gives you that same new haul buzz with 95% less carbon vs virgin clothing production.

2/3 of clothes made every year end up in landfill within 12 months.

Australians Landfill 23 KG of textiles waste / Year.

It takes 7,452 L of water to make a pair of jeans.

Our Mission

We are ending disposable fashion for good.

Fast fashion is the second most polluting industry on earth after oil & gas. But what’s truly insane is that ⅔ of clothes made every year end up in landfill within 12 months. This cannot continue.

We’re hijacking Black Friday to end disposable fashion for good by making it stupidly simple to love your clothes longer.

Black Fridye began in 2018 as a single email from Citizen Wolf and has now proudly grown into a coalition of brands determined to elevate the discussion around sustainability and conscious consumption.

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