Dye your clothes.
Save the planet.

What is Black Fridye?

Finally a sale that doesn’t cost the earth.

By 2030, the fashion industry is projected to output 15% of all global carbon emissions2. Clearly this is incompatible with sustainability, so we're making it ridiculously easy to love your clothes longer and do your bit for Mother Earth in the process. And yes, it really is that simple!

How it works

Impact Made Easy

Send us your clothes

We take any clothes from any brand that could use a refresh...

We dye them black

We overdye them black in Sydney, saving you time and money.

You love them longer

Your clothes return like new, so you can keep wearing them for longer.

Take part

Dye your clothes.
Love them longer.
Make an impact.


Dye any brand Tee, polo or shirt

  • SAVE 5.1KG of carbon per top
  • SAVE 2,695L of water per top
  • SAVE 65% vs standard pricing3
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Dye any brand jeans, pants, shorts or skirt

  • SAVE 19.5KG of carbon per top
  • SAVE 7,452L of water per top
  • SAVE 50% vs standard pricing3
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Dye any brand gilet, jacket or coat

  • SAVE 26.2KG of carbon per top
  • SAVE 9,995L of water per top
  • SAVE 50% vs standard pricing3
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Dye any brand dress or play/jumpsuit

  • SAVE 9.6KG of carbon per top
  • SAVE 2,995L of water per top
  • SAVE 50% vs standard pricing3
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594,940 L

Water saved compared to virgin production, equivalent to 8.5 average backyard swimming pools.


Average reduction in carbon emissions compared to buying new clothes.


We've Got Answers.

What can I dye?

Any garment, from any brand in any colour. Yes, really!

Natural plant-based fibres work best like cotton, hemp or linen. Cellulosics like bamboo, Tencel or viscose also dye well as will any blend of natural fibres.

Patterns and/or stains should turn pure black, but there are no guarantees as it depends on exact composition and may still be visible after dyeing.

What won't dye?

Anything synthetic or protein-based will not dye - think polyester, lycra or elastane as well as wool, leather or fur.

Blended compositions are a bit of a gamble and may end up patchy due to the natural fibres absorbing the dye but not the petro fibres. That said, we've tested jeans made from a 98% Cotton / 2% Elastane blend and it worked perfectly, though higher percentages are not guaranteed.

Trims like buttons, zips and labels won't dye either and often stitching threads are polyester (which won't dye) even if the garment itself is natural (which will), but you can always go over said stitching in permanent marker.

How long does it take?

• Black Friday (27th Nov 2020) = Buy your dye credits.
• December = Send us your clothes (before Xmas).
• January = Dye, Dye, Dye!
• February = Wear your newly black clothes (smugly).

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